Propolco`s fundamental principles could be summed up by the two following aims:

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a) An outspoken opposition to the principles of neo-liberalism, and a commitment to expose the disastrous effects its implementation has had in societies the world over, especially in Chile.

b) To overcome an exclusively critical approach by attempting to construct an alternative social and political proposal.

We firmly believe that at the dawning of the 21st century it's necessary to reshape the political landscape, and to replace the Left and Right axis by a new one, which puts Democracy at the opposite end of Neo-liberalism. For most of this century the political conflict was conceived as one between equity and liberty, and the political regimes which favoured either variable, socialism and capitalism. The fall the Berlin wall and the dissolution of the URSS clearly marked the beginning of the predominance of an ideological vision as holistic as Leninist Marxism or fascism ever were: Neo-liberalism. One of the principal aims of this doctrine has been to declare an end to history and to eliminate alternative ideologies by depriving Democracy of its natural core element, majority rule. This basic principle of government is debased by the father of the neo-liberal utopia, F A Hayek, who claimed the "democracy is far from being the highest political value, and a democracy without restrictions could very well be worse than a limited government of a different kind". So much our opponent has confessed to - the remaining challenge is to fully expose the true totalitarian character of neo-liberalism, and it is towards that end that we want to direct our efforts.

Grupo Propolco